Experimental Gameplay Projects of Jozef "Bobo" Hudec

This page deals with one of my hobbies - an experimental gameplay. Here you can find those few games I created. Warning: some of them are heavy experiments - may be difficult to control, understand, etc.

A game made for EGP's October 2009 theme "Numbers":

"Numbers" were great theme! I did not want to end up doing a game like Sudoku, where numbers themselves or arithmetic operations would be the core of the gameplay. So I made this:

Be Brave Today!

Real Time Strategy genre, yet very simple and quick gameplay.
You control the King of Blue Soldiers. Ugly Red Enemies have captured many of your fellow soldiers, so you go to rescue them (those medieval times were great, you know, lots of battles, feasts and beer). Just like in any RTS, when two units meet, they fight. Numbers take the stage now: each unit has certain amount of BRAVERY. When two units fight, the one with higher bravery always win. Kind of like: the higher the bravery, the stronger sword swings.
The king is not only the "commanding unit", giving orders to direct his soldiers during fights, he can also transfer BRAVERY to his soldiers. As only his bravery regenerates over the time (soldiers' bravery does not), he is the carrier of a unique resource. If you do not completely understand, just play it :)
Two days before finishing this game I got an idea - I should have played Overlord before I created this game. Maybe it's the same mechanics (damn, it seems I was the second one to have an interesting idea). Right after I upload my game here, I am going to buy Overlord as I never played it before. It's a great game anyway :)

Download Be_Brave.zip

Projects made for EGP's August 2009 theme "Bare minimum":

This was great theme, so I made three games:


A game controlled by one button only - the Left Mouse Button.
Your spaceship crashed on the Moon and your space-suit is damaged, so only one button works. The goal is to get to the nearby base.

Download MoonHop.zip

1D Platformer

A classic platformer game, but this time in only in one dimension - played on a line.

Download 1d_platformer.zip

Download 1d_platformer.exe

Johnny the bat

You are playing for the bat. As you know, bats do orient themselves by producing sounds and hearing them back. So you do the same in this game - no graphics here! Navigate a simple maze by hearing the sounds reflected from walls.

Download jbat.zip